Signy Novak


Many people have had to accept the loss of a loved one, expected or not, and many have witnessed suffering. I watched as my dad battled against bowel cancer. He went from healthy and hardly a sick day in his life one day to cancer with a prognosis of 5 years. He died in just over 4. He utilized MAID on July 25, 2018. It was by far the most courageous thing I have ever witnessed. It was such a gift to my dad that he could die with dignity on his terms. His final words were to the MAID physician, saying what a wonderful thing he was doing and to “keep going with this amazing work.”

Now looking back I really wish I’d had someone to talk to along the way before my dad utilized MAID. I think it would have been a relief to talk to someone who really understood my fears, my anguish, the ticking clock, to ask questions, or just to have someone to listen.

This site is lovingly dedicated to my dad, David Novak, and my dear friend Clarissa.

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