MAID Family Support Society was born out of the realization that a peer-to-peer resource like this did not exist. Now it does. We are a group of individuals who have been through MAID with a loved one and have come together to be that bridge, to make the path leading up to MAID and the grief following a little easier for you.

Bridge C-14
Compassionate support for families throughout their journey with MAID.

Dying with Dignity Canada
Dying With Dignity Canada is the national human-rights charity committed to improving quality of dying, protecting end-of-life rights, and helping Canadians avoid unwanted suffering.

MAiDHouse is a non-profit organization devoted to providing those eligible to receive Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) with a supportive, inclusive and home-like setting.

Canadian Virtual Hospice
Information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, loss and grief. Our team of experts can answer your questions about life-threatening illness and loss.
Because losing someone is hard… helps you to understand and work through your grief.

Family Caregivers of British Columbia
FCBC supports caregivers by providing access to information, education, and supports that enable caregivers to feel more confident and successful in their role.

A Guide to MAID
This brochure from Island Health Authority aims to answer any questions you may have, provide practical information, and ease your concerns on your Medical Assistance in Death (MAID) journey.

Interior Health
Interior Health works in collaboration with health care professionals and other health authorities to deliver health care service throughout BC.