My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in September 2020, and from the day of diagnosis he knew he wanted to use MAID. He was a scientist and, for him, it was a very clear decision. He was very philosophical about the diagnosis and its outcome, but I struggled. To discuss a terminal diagnosis was one thing, but to discuss the choice to die was so difficult. I supported his decision from the beginning, but it took me some time to be a peace with it.

We had two wonderful years before the disease took over. We had known each other for 25 years, but only found love 8 years before he passed.

As the cancer progressed and I saw the pain he was in, I became grateful we had the option to choose when enough was enough. My husband had watched his own father suffer terribly from the same cancer, and he didn’t want that for himself or his family. One application for MAID was denied but his second application was approved and he chose his date a week after Christmas. By the time that day came, I was nothing but appreciative that he could stop suffering.

I asked everyone we were working with if there was any help for support people. The palliative care team was kind, but focussed on Michael. I couldn’t find anyone to talk to. Had I known about this team of wonderful people at MAID Family Support Society, it would have helped a lot. Now I would like to be there for others going through this journey.