My mom died from ovarian cancer in November 2018. My dad was incredibly strong and supportive and remained steadfast in her end-of-life journey while silently dealing with his own health concerns. His health continued on a downward path as a patient with a complex label. We had a conversation a few years ago about MAID following a news story, so I wasn’t surprised when he told me that he wanted to have MAID. It brought up many, many thoughts and feelings about losing a second parent in such a short time, but the biggest feeling was one of love.

My dad was in a lot of pain both physically and emotionally and I truly believe that my brother and I gave him the greatest gift – love and support just like he had done our whole lives. Exactly seven months after my mom died, my dad died quietly and gently, much like he lived his life.

I feel very strongly that people have the right to choose the end of their life and that their people will need kind and loving support after. My grief journey has taken me down a beautiful path of many books, podcasts, zooms and webinars to help process and understand my own thoughts and feelings, and I have felt such a connection to people who have been experiencing the same thing. Much love.