I was stunned when my husband, who had multiple sclerosis and lung cancer, suddenly told us prior to the arrival of the palliative care team that he wanted MAID. He said he had been thinking about his death for a while. There was no talking him out of this clear decision. He was in charge and we respected his end-of-life choice, as hard as it was to hear. At that time, we had nobody to talk to about what it was like to have a special person in one’s life who chose MAID. We had questions – lots! What might be helpful to know that I hadn’t thought about? What could I expect from this end-of-life procedure? Was it normal to have thoughts and feelings that galloped in every direction? We had no one who had experienced this kind of ending with whom we could talk openly. I only wish MAID Family Support Society had been available for our family to just chat freely with someone who understood this kind of ending and had walked this last unforgettable walk.