We are committed to providing peer support to anyone across Canada who is walking alongside a loved one prior to MAID or in the grief following.

Make a difference today: Your generosity fuels our mission!

Every donation, regardless of size, helps us amplify our efforts and magnify our impact. With your support, we can continue to support people when they need it most.

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt. All donations are processed through

For more information about our organization, you can read our annual report.

We believe in complete transparency and accountability. When you donate to MAID Family Support Society, you can be assured that your contribution will be used wisely to support our programs and make a real difference. Your donation will be used to support our operating costs, including:

  • Education across Canada to spread the word about our society to continue to reach those who need support related to a loved one’s MAID
  • Website hosting
  • Printing and postage for communication materials to promote our services across Canada
  • Liability insurance
  • Support staff
  • Research
  • Travel and conference participation

Donate a copy of The Many Faces of MAID

If you would like to donate a copy of The Many Faces of MAID, we will distribute it to someone who needs the support. You can do that by choosing 2 – Donate a book under the fund drop-down on the donation form.