My adored husband of 50 plus years chose MAID after 23 years of living with Parkinson’s. He was an upbeat, positive and very funny guy. He was a high school teacher, basketball and tennis coach, magician, ranked tennis player, and my best friend.

He went into Delta hospital mostly very confused with a slight fever. I expected him home in a couple of days, but sadly it took five long and difficult weeks. He developed huge infections and was hooked up to five IVs at one time, semi-conscious but aware I was there holding his hand. They never did figure out what the infection was but after three weeks he was sitting in a huge wheelchair strapped in for safety. No TV because of Covid (no technical support allowed in rooms) and in isolation. I was finally allowed to take him for walks around the hospital because the weather was unseasonably warm.

He was so unhappy. He wanted more physio than 30 mins a day because he wanted to walk and get out of that chair. The hospital decided that he wasn’t eligible for rehab, and he felt he had lost all of his dignity when a nurse told him to use his diaper when he wanted to use the toilet. He had horrid diaper rash from this as well. That was when he asked for MAID. He had lost his dignity along with everything else from Parkinson’s and I just wanted him home. The minute he was approved I went to the desk and said I was taking my husband home. Not without some stress, they finally called for transfer and he came home.

He fell 3 times in the first 24 hours, but then used his walker to go to a local park every single day and never used the wheelchair again. He saw or zoomed 150 people in his last week at home, with visitors coming in small groups because of Covid and only staying 15 or 20 minutes. He was so unwell, but he loved laughing and memories with his friends.

He said goodbye, knowing that he was a treasured and loved man and he had made a difference in the world with his inspirational attitude with Parkinson’s and his wonderful humour.

I am so happy that he is no longer suffering from the dreadful disease of Parkinson’s. I’m blessed that he was in my life for so many years. I miss him every single day!