My partner, Russ, passed away using MAID in April, 2022, after a diagnosis 7 weeks previously of pancreatic cancer. His brief but intense illness was made more bearable for him, and for me, because he was able to obtain a MAID death. As a philosophy professor who had taught and discussed various topics related to quality of life, end of life, personal choice, and autonomy, Russ was always committed to the MAID program. However, it was still a challenge for both of us, knowing that the end so suddenly was near. We had been together for over 34 years, and it was a great loss of our life together and future retirement plans.

There were few resources for us to consult to discuss our feelings and other end-of-life and MAID topics. With no family and having just moved to Victoria, we would have appreciated having someone familiar with MAID to consult. I hope that my experience as a nurse, nursing professor, and partner of a MAID recipient may be of some help to others considering this compassionate, humane, and respectful end-of-life choice.